Sunday, June 28, 2009


I'm pleased to announce the anticipated release of my newest novel, a historical fiction set in the early 1970's.

In the winter of 1973 the U.S. was facing several crises. The OPEC oil embargo caused gasoline shortages and record oil prices. The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost almost 49% and a deep recession stagnated the national economy. The war in Vietnam had expanded to Cambodia. The Watergate scandal polluted the Office of the President. Tricky Dick was accused of obstructing justice. Articles of impeachment were being drafted by the Senate.

What else could go wrong?

The opportunistic collaboration of three groups. Their individual efforts pinch off 40% of U.S. railroad transportation, incite an income tax revolt four million strong, forced cessation of all government activities on all American Indian reservations and the symbolic secession of a small Texas town.

What caused it?

A short chronicle of government violence lists those slaughtered by the National Guard at North Carolina State in 1968, the brutality at the Democratic National Convention also 1968, the Jackson State killings in 1970, and four killed at Kent State, Ohio in May 1970. The violence, the killings, the injustice was the ignition of complete social outrage. Outrage is why it didn’t end. Outrage is why the whole generation didn’t go home and take their daddy’s job. In the wake of Kent State, it was shouted in spray paint on bed sheets hung from the dormitory windows of New York University and for many in 1973 it still echoed - They can’t kill us all.

Available December 2009 from Amazon and other booksellers!
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